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Stop dreaming and wakeup, realize that the world is in you and not the other way round. All you see is particles of intelligence nothing concrete. You are infinitely creating objects and worlds to play around just like in your night dream.

The shortest way to realization is to keep comparing your night dream with your wakeful state, there lies the secret to self discovery.That which has no beginning and no end is not real so is your cosmos. How do these sound ? interesting ? confusing ? or Amazing ? Yogavasishta is the last work you will want to study when in the path of Spirituality, that too the big volume one, Bruhat Yogavasishta. Of course I took more than 20 years to come across this in the journey, very well hidden, deep and mystic. Even if you think you are a well adept in Advaitha you will be blown away with the dimension and clarity Yogavasishta deals with. You will never be the same person after you study this work, I took nearly 5 years to study and digest it but those 5 years went like 5 days, never a day of it's study made me sleep unlike so many other scriptures and works I had researched on. So give it a shot if you dare to go for a roller coaster ride that will transform you and open up a whole new dimension within you.
After all you are the dimensionless dimension, the very infinite you are searching for, so at best Yogavasishta is a perfect mirror of yourself. You will know yourself like never before. Good luck and enjoy the ride.
PS: I have taken my earlier published site at this url offline as it was built way back in 2000 which I feel now like kindergarten spirituality.